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album cover art
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omg, lol! look what I just found here*, about the 'Two Virgins' cover:

AndyRussell points out that Paul McCartney tried to convince John Lennon not to release this cover. John said he didn't mind the controversy it would create, to which Paul replied to the effect that it isn't very attractive - John agreed, but released it anyway.

Judging from the ratings on this site, many people wish neither the cover nor album was released.


I also love that Paul wasn't very worried about the controversy, he was just like: "dude, it's kind of ugly."

SPEAKING OF THIS. the reason I'm reading this is because I'm doing research on Music Imagery for a class. Basically from the early 1900's to the 1980's.

If you have anything you would like to share with me, anything at all (album covers, favorite bands, musicals, etc etc), please do!! I can use all the help i can get...

*although, I have to say the commentary for #39 on that list really bugs me. so out of all those covers with death and dismemberment, the only one that gets a "disgusting" is the one of childbirth? there's nothing disgusting about it, it's the creation of life, and it's awesome. I mean, I wouldn't put it on a record cover, but it's not disgusting! geez. people today. :)

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That cover is ugly, there is just no 2 ways about it lol


What sort of stuff do you need? Like just pics of covers or impressions made by covers or what. I'd like to help but I'm a bit thick so be specific lol

And here's some fun for ya -

haha, not thick, I was suuuuper general, haha. basically: I don't know a ton about music in the 30's-70's, so if you have any favorite bands/performers/covers/tours, etc, that you want to share/think was influential, tell me about them! :) and I'll look it up, and add it to my info.

looool it is ugly. I love hearing what the boys said to each other, they were like brothers: they just said it like it was.


I'm thoroughly convinced they decided to dedicate an entire page of Anthology to the Two Virgins cover because Paul George and Ringo wanted to do some IRL trolling.

baaaha ha ha haaaa! you are so right. how could it not be?? omg, I love that thought.

and DANG that page is scary... you're flippin through, all: "aww, Beatles stories... oh, george! haha... !WHAT. IS THAT."

I don't need to tell you that Led Zeppelin's covers and packaging are absolutely epic...all of them. Especially Physical Graffiti, I sat around looking at that for-fucking-ever. I also don't need to say anything about the Beatles (of course I don't). Pitchfork's worst covers of 2009 list was kind of eye-opening and brought us such gems as
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...who recently won a grammy for the packaging on his archives. Go figure. His covers used to be pretty nice though.


YOU ARE NOT USELESS AT ALL YOU ARE VERY HELPFUL! I do have the beatles covered, whew good thing I've been wasting all that time learning about them for the last 8 mos... heh..., but I KNOW NOTHING, SERIOUSLY, SO NOW I'M GONNA GO LOOK UP LED ZEPPELIN AND NEIL YOUNG ALBUM COVERS AND IMAGES. ty bb :D

also, lol, I'm going to look up that list and totes include it in the post.


I don't know what you need at all lol, but this is my favorite album cover.

I don't know anything about it, but it's awesome, and I'm sure those people in there mean something. If you google around there might be something about it! Plus, I love The Zombies. :)

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